The Team

Sussana Dong

Susanna Dong is currently a full-time software engineer. After we did the first prototype for my daughter during the summer of 2012, I was convinced that Susanna had the talent and work ethic to take this project forward. Susanna has illustrated books 1-5. She has also developed our website.

Chaaya Prabhat

Chaaya Prabhat is currently a full-time graphic designer. She has illustrated books 6,7,&8 and is designing our Undivided Punjab Edition to be released in Feb. of 2018. She graduated from Savannah College of Arts & Design in HongKong with a Master’s degree in Graphic Design. Chaaya helped create a new style for painting Punjabi Folk – a synthesis of Madhubani and Pahari/Punjabi art form for our books.


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