Once upon a time in the beautiful land of Punjab

As a long, busy day turned into a quiet darkness

Little ones snuggled around their elders

By a lone, flickering lamp.

The night, though dark, was not dreary

Though long, passed away quickly;

For now was time to tell

The ever new…enchanting folktales.

Children listened in awe;

They dreamed and dozed.

They flew with the sparrow

and rolled away with the Dhol.

But times have changed

The oil lamps have been put away.

Untold for decades

The tales, too, have escaped.

Until now…

The sparrow is back once more

To teach us patience and persistence.

The lamb crosses the jungle again

With courage and discernment.

Never to escape, these tales are here;

The very ones that our forefathers held dear

And told their young ones to pass on to us,

A source of belonging, and guidance, and love.